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Firstlight Power: Registration of Historic Use

October 05, 2021

Friends of the Lake,

Earlier this year, Firstlight Power distributed a letter via US mail to inform that if you currently have shoreline and/or land uses along the shores of Lake Lillinonah, it requires approval. It included instructions necessary to register your existing uses and obtain a Certificate of Permission from FirstLight, which either owns or has rights to flow water along the entire shoreline.

For those who did not receive this letter, or have not completed this registration, Lake Lillinonah Authority and FirstLight Power worked together to develop and communicate this last opportunity to our friends and neighbors along the shoreline of Lake Lillinonah to ensure those who do qualify have the opportunity to register accordingly. Since the online registration system is now closed, FirstLight has developed this form which can be filled out and submitted to FirstLight for their review, to determine if a “Certificate of Permission” can be issued for the adjacent waterfront parcel to register your historic shoreline and land uses.

If you did not receive the earlier letter sent out by FirstLight to its neighbors, a copy of the “Notice of Requirement to Register Your Existing Shoreline and Land Uses” is linked here as well.

This process is solely for the purpose of registering your existing shoreline and land uses and should be your first step in obtaining the required authorization for your shoreline and land uses within the Project boundary. Should you wish to perform any repairs, maintenance, modifications or submit a request for any new shoreline and/or land uses it will require additional application information to be submitted to FirstLight for review and approval by the issuance of a subsequent permit specifically authorizing approved activities. Permit Application Forms and additional information are available on FirstLight’s website

Action required:

For those who have shoreline and/or land uses along the shore of Lake Lillinonah and want to register, please complete this form titled ‘Registration of Historic Use’. There are two ways to submit this form:

1) Website (which is the preferred method) by clicking here, filling out your information and attaching your completed form. 2) You can email it to:

This form is due no later than: November 1st 2021

If you have questions, click here for a FAQ document (disregard the first page). If you have additional questions, you can reach Firstlight directly via this “Contact Us” link (also found on their website), which allows them a way to assign and manage the responses in their databases.

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