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2019 Save the Lake Day / Weed Harvest

Save the Lake Day is This Saturday, June 15th 9am-12pm (*TWO LOCATIONS - please read below*)

Volunteers, Pontoon Boats & Kayaks Needed!

Location 1: Rt 133 Boat Launch. Here will be our standard set up, where pontoon boats & volunteers will meet at 9am and head out together to gather debris.

Location 2: Addis Park (220 Grove St, New Milford) This will be a new, secondary location where volunteers & kayaks will meet to remove Water Chestnuts. ***Please note that this location is for Kayaker’s only, and all Kayaks should go to this location only***

For any/all questions, call/text Josh @ (203) 648 0265 (for location 1) and Rebekah @ (203) 200 9118 (for location 2)

Additional information: As many of you have noticed, the amount of man-made garbage has been reduced over the years thanks to the volunteers of FOTL. Although we’ve had discussions about ‘skipping’ a year, we feel this event is very important to the community involvement with Lake Lillinonah, and to bring our members together for such a critical task. This year, we will hold Save the Lake Day a bit later in the year than normal and add a ‘weed harvesting’ effort to remove as much Water Chestnut as possible. Volunteers who have Kayaks will be deployed to the northern part of the lake where Water Chestnut populations are trying to establish. As always, we need as many pontoon boats as possible. Also, this year we are asking for members who have small aluminum rowboats to allow us to use them as vessels to put collected garbage and weeds in, in order to protect the pontoon boats from damage. Please contact us if you have a pontoon boat or a rowboat that we can count on. Don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, shoes that can get wet, and your smile – always appreciated.

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