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Letter from Senator Richard Blumenthal

US Senator Richard Blumenthal sends a congratulations letter to Friends of the Lake on our 13th anniversary.

Dear Friends,

Congratulations to Friends of the Lake on its 13th anniversary celebration. My sincerest thanks to all for supporting FOTL and its ongoing work to protect the beauty of Lake Lillinonah.

Founded in 2003, FOTL has been the leading advocate of enhancing and sustaining the priceless environment and ecology of Lake Lillinonah. More than just the hydroelectricity and flood control, the lake has provided a place of recreation for Connecticut residents since 1955.

I regret that I am unable to attend this event. As you know, I have been a consisten supporter of Lake Lillinonah, working with you and the communities of Candlewood Lake and Lake Zoar to ensure that the lake’s owners are responsive to residents. Just this past week, I met personally with First Light and its new owners. Along with Congresswoman Tsty, I emphasized my strong interest in the lakes and, in no uncertain terms, stressed the need to address water quality issues including algae blooms, pesticide runoff, debris management and invasive species. I am encouraged by their commitment to collaboration.

Once again, my sincerest congrulations and thanks!


Richard Blumenthal

United States Senator