Current Water level: 196.2' (Updated 06/20/19 3:57 am)

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Invasive Plant Treatment (July 2nd)

We have been notified by Solitude Lake Management that they have received a permit to apply “Reward” (which contains 37.3% diquat) to two areas of Lake Lillinonah on Monday, July 2, at 11AM. The two areas can be described as the Barkwood Falls cove, from the inlet throughout, and the stretch of homes from the end of Lillinonah Drive in Brookfield to the Newtown Boat Launch at the end of Hanover Road in Newtown. We wanted to bring this to your attention directly in case you don’t see the public notices that are published and posted locally.

The following restrictions apply to an area within 500 feet of the area described above: no swimming (from 7/2 at 11AM) until 7/3/18, don’t use the water for irrigation until 7/8/18, don’t water your livestock until 7/4/18, and don’t drink the water until 7/6/18. All areas beyond 500’ of the described areas are unaffected by this application.

If you have any questions you may call Solitude Lake Management at (508) 885-0101. The DEEP permit numbers are AQUA-2018-358 and Aqua-2018-359.
As mentioned in our recent newsletter, Friends of the Lake has hired a third-party consultant to study the invasive plant problem in Lake Lillinonah. We hope to have results and potential management technique recommendations by early August.
Please feel free to send any questions or comments for Friends of the Lake to