Current Water level: 195.9' (Updated 07/21/18 4:57 pm)

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High Water Alert

Friends of the Lake has been notified by the Lake Lillinonah Authority that First Light Power will be performing their annual audit this coming Monday, June 18, 2018. As a result, they will raise the water level in Lake Lillinonah from now through Monday until it reaches its maximum level until the test is performed. PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION when boating, as these high water levels will likely bring out dangerous amounts of floating debris into the lake. Also be aware that boat lifts may not be high enough to keep your boat out of the water; it may be a good idea to secure your boat to a dock through this weekend at least. Also be aware of any furniture or loose items on the landing portion of your dock or shoreline as they too may be underwater.

We have continually asked First Light Power over the years to perform these audits later in the week to avoid high water over the weekend, to no avail.

Please spread the word to your neighbors on the lake, especially those who are not members (and encourage them to join us!).